MT3-Series (With Cabin)



High performance tractors

Our LS tractors are built according to the international and European specifications of LS Mtron in the LS Tractor plant in Jeonju Plant in South Korea. The all-rounders are very versatile. Thanks to the Korean full equipment, our tractors are fully equipped for every application from the factory. So z. B. all models via an electro-hydraulic PTO switch or e.g. via at least 1 double-acting hydraulic control unit.

Your partner on site

In order to equip our LS tractors for a wide variety of tasks, we have set up our technology center in the Nuremberg area. The technicians on site have many years of experience with LS tractors and are available at any time with advice and action if something new has to be put together or something older has to be brought back on wheels.

Your specialist dealer will be happy to inform you about the possible uses, the right LS Tractor model, the right attachments and the associated accessories.
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Professional Attachments

The extensive range of accessories such as front linkage, front PTO, different cab variants, different front loaders (LS factory front loader or Stoll industrial front loader), suitable winter service equipment with different snow blades and spreaders. You can also choose between different tires for all of our LS models in order to be prepared for any surface.

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